Parent/Client Compliments

Hi Michelle-Shari,Once again, I got to spend a delightful two days in the presence of your professional expertise.  You did a great job and I am most amused that you alter your talk in part so as not to bore me!  There was wonderful feedback after all the presentations on how helpful it was.  You are really good at taking the worry out of getting a will done and you are so responsive to the different style groups. It’s quite an art to know how fast or slow to go, how much information to share, how personal to get and how long to wait when asking if there are questions.   You do all of that with finesse.  Thank you.

Judy M. Submitted on 2012/02/09 at 8:03 pmI have asked Michelle-Shari to come and speak several times at my Portland baby boutique. Her dynamic presentation is timely, informative, and extremely helpful to parents. She is by far the most requested presenter I have used for my classes. Her passion and expertise are greatly appreciated.
-Judi Martin, Mother Nature’s Baby Store and the Natural Baby Boutique.
You have quite an engaging personality- I can see why you are successful!   Thank you for your time, and we really appreciate your help with the client workshop.   I know that clients can benefit from your insight.   Your style is very much aligned with how our team of financial advisers operate- freedom from conflict of interest, client-centrism, and a bias to demystify complex processes.   It is amazing the obstacles that get in people’s way when they are just trying to make good decisions.
I will be in touch as we get closer to the workshop.
Again, thanks for your time.
Holly D. Submitted on 2012/01/26 at 7:16 pm

I can’t believe we waited so long to make our Wills and Trusts, especially with my husband traveling so much for work. I’ve known Michelle-Shari for over 13 years, but I would use her services whether she was a friend or not. She is so patient and thorough, I feel confident that my family would be well taken care of should anything happen to either of us. The thought of making a Will can be scary, but the thought of not having one is even scarier! No matter what your family situation is, you need to have a Will, and you need to call Michelle-Shari to do it. Do it now!

Kim S. Submitted on 2012/01/17 at 7:58 pm

My husband and I worked with Michelle-Shari to create wills and supporting documents. She was an absolute delight – knowledgeable, friendly, accessible, forthcoming, and helpful. She didn’t charge us and was patient when we asked many, many follow up questions, guided us thoughtfully through the process, and made sure we understood all the documents. I highly recommend Michelle-Shari to all parents looking for estate services. You won’t be sorry.

Salome M.

Michelle-Shari is the kind of human being you rarely get the honor to meet, people like her are usually only in fairytales. If you have the opportunity to meet and or work with her, trust me she
will knock your socks off…


3 Responses to Parent/Client Compliments

  1. Meredith J says:

    After five years of Michelle-Shari’s patience, my will and DPOA are finally done! It is a tremendous relief to have the papers finalized. I don’t recommend waiting that long. My anxieties created the fits and starts but finally the documents are now done and I am confident they are perfectly personalized to my situation. Michelle-Shari had to re-explain things to me but took the time to do it. I feel I have a far better product than anyone out there. She even worked with me on manageable payment options. I wish there was a star rating system here – a definite 5 stars!

  2. stacey coonrod says:

    I worked with Michelle-Shari to develop a solid plan, more then just a will upon my passing. She is patient, easy to work with, detailed and thorough. She asked great questions, covered every scenerio. She inspired great questions, and provoked a lot of thought.
    I feel much better since I met with Michelle-Shari and completed my will. My son will be left assets per my wishes, will see family and be in good hands.
    Thank you Michelle-Shari

  3. Jed and Olivia says:

    We appreciated Michelle-Shari’s expertise, attention to detail and her promptness in meeting with us. We will be sure to use her in the future.

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