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Parents, Minors and the Law

Minors one Day Majors the Next Congratulations, your child is off to college. Parents do not stop worrying about their kids when they turn 18.  However, our legal ability to weigh in on our children’s medical care and financial needs … Continue reading

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If only 1% of kids save their allowance what will they do with their inheritance if received by the age of 18?

This memorandum contains a summary of information obtained from laws, and legal publications and should not be viewed or relied upon as legal advice. I urge readers of this memorandum to consult legal counsel regarding specific legal issues and factual … Continue reading

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Incentive Trusts: You can pass on something more valuable than money to your children – you can pass on valuable life lessons

Incentive Trusts are all a buzz right now. Having not written about them in a while I thought it might be a great topic to share. Please feel free to: a. Call me with any questions and/or b. Share this … Continue reading

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