Estate Planning. An important tool in your financial kit.

Estate planning is an incredibly important element of any adult’s financial preparedness. Unfortunately, too many Americans fail to have an up-to-date estate plan to protect themselves or their family in the event of sickness, accident, or untimely death. When interviewed many of those “sitting on the sidelines” shared that they, “Wanted to get started”  BUT…. didn’t not know where to begin or were overwhelmed with the process and decisions. My goal, at Krusslaw, is to, periodically, reach out to families throughout Portland with a gentle reminder regarding the need for estate planning while simultaneously taking the unknowns out of the equation.   Education about the process, documents and terminology is very important to me. All my clients (whether married or single, with or without children) receive high quality educational content and tools (shared on my website, seminars and found in my “Krusstips”).  From the moment we start the education begins and continues all the way through to signing.  It is because of this understanding about why planning was initially important, why the documents recommended are a good choice, how they work and what might need to change in the near future, my clients are my biggest advocates and are phenomenal referrals sources.  Thank you!!!

be prepared not scared

For those of you thinking about getting started on your first Will…please know that we are cheering for you from the stands.  Make 2014 the year you join the team and enjoy the win



About Michelle-Shari Kruss, Attorney at Law

Portland Oregon Attorney. For almost fifteen years Michelle-Shari has been helping new parents address their very important estate-planning needs (Wills and Trusts for Minor Children). Michelle-Shari is a frequent guest lecturer at most of our Portland area hospitals, MOPS groups, Lake Oswego Mom(s), La Leche, religious organizations, professional and civic groups.
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