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Amy has a great blog at the Oregonian. Please feel free to take a peak.

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Thank you NW Kids Magazine for asking me to be a contributing author. Looking forward to submitting future posts about Estate Planning for New Parents.


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Michelle-Shari Kruss J.D. (Krusslaw, a boutique Lake Oswego law firm), has more than 18 years of legal-experience. Michelle-Shari is a well-known estate planning attorney helping parents protect their most precious asset: their children. She is a past Juvenile Peer Court Judge, author, frequent guest lecturer, sits on a variety of non-profit boards and is the parent of two lovely children.

Michelle-Shari’s objective is to develop lifelong relationships with her clients, not short-term engagements. It is her goal and the goal of her firm to make the estate planning process as easy, comfortable and enjoyable as possible. The most important qualities she brings to the creation of her client’s documents–besides all the education, training, experience and knowledge—is being a good listener, explaining the myriad of concepts and terminology in simple and straightforward language and preparing personalized Wills that reflect each family’s individual wishes and goals.

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When can minors give consent to medical treatment without a parent/guardian?

Oregon law states that minors who are at least 15 years of age can consent to a variety of medical services without consent from a parent or legal guardian (ORS 109.640). 109.640).

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Please feel free to take a look at these links.

Please also note that there may have been changes to this area of law since each of these summaries were published.





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How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world” Anne Frank

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Invited to Podcast on Dads Who Diaper

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Thank you Dads Who Diaper (http://www.dadswhodiaper.com) for asking me to weigh in: PARENTING How to Pick a Guardian for your Child July 8, 2014 by Chad

In celebrating the birth and life of a brand new baby, one of the last things (if not at all) on the minds of parents is the idea of picking a guardian for your child(ren) in case of a tragedy.

If it’s your first child you may never have discussed the idea of who may care for your new bouncing baby if you and your spouse were to die. It’s a conversation that isn’t easy to have at any time, but one that could become one of the most important things you do as a parent. Planning ahead and putting your wishes on paper can make a significant impact on your child’s life. In addition, to providing comfort and peace of mind for you.

Choosing a guardian for some may be easy, for others difficult. Spouses often have differing perspectives and ideas about who should become legal guardians, and family can play no small role as well.

Attorney Michelle-Shari Kruss, specializes in estate planning and says start with a list.

“When considering whether someone should be on the list, ask yourself, ‘would they provide a better home for my children than the foster care system?’” While most people you know would likely fall into the “yes” category, take it a step further. List the factors you and your spouse feel are most important in raising your children.

Kruss suggests considering these and more.

Child-rearing philosophy
Presence of children in home already
Interest in and relationship with your children
Ability to meet physical demands of child care
Religion or spirituality
Marital or family status
Social and moral habits and values
Willingness to adopt your children
Using those criteria along with your own, you can match each factor with your list of potential guardians to help narrow those who you may choose. If even after all of this, you still are having trouble selecting just one couple or person, Kruss suggests consider a “Guardianship Panel.”

“The panel can consist of family members, loved ones and trusted friends who will decide together as a group who would be the best guardian for your children when and if the time comes.”

You alone are the only ones who can truly decide who is best to potentially raise your children. While the topic is not one new or established parents want to discus, keeping your family together and cared for is an important step parents must consider as they enter the most joyous time of their lives.

You can find more on guardianship and family law from Michelle-Shari Kruss on her blog here.



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